Learn Guitar Tricks Video Lessons Tutorial   4.590,8 MB


Fundamentals Level 1     1.307,0 MB

Guitar Lessons- Guitar Fundamentals 1.flv

Chapter 1. Correct Posture and Technique

Chapter 2. Basic Knowledge

Chapter 3. Introduction to Chords

Chapter 4. Playing Melodies

Chapter 5. Playing Full Chords


Fundamentals Level 2     3.261,9 MB

Guitar Lessons- Guitar Fundamentals 2.flv

Chapter 1. Introduction to Music Theory

Chapter 2. Introduction to Minor Chords

Chapter 3. Scales and Chords and Triads

Chapter 4. Introduction to Reading Music Notation

Chapter 5. Simple Songs Using Chords and Scale Notes

Chapter 6. Learning and Practicing the Rest of the Minor Chords

Chapter 7. Practicing Major and Minor Scales

Chapter 8. Introduction to Barre Chords